Based in Vancouver, Canada


Self-taught !

New Blood III / 2017 / 30" x 24" (76 x 61 cm) / Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Wood Panel / Framed / ©LaurenBrevner

Lauren Brevner is the self-taught QUEEN of Mixed Media Art. In each intricate female portrait she creates, she applies layers and layers of acrylic, oil, Chiyogami, Yuzen and Washi paper, gold, silver and cooper leaves and translucent resin over wood panels.

Unfortunately, in these photos, it is almost impossible to appreciate the depth in which Brevner works (remember her pieces are at least 2 inch thick. Her creative process is one of the most intricate I have had the chance to witness.

Divine Skin / 2016-17 / 30" x 24" (76 x 61 cm) / Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Collage, Metal Leaf and Resin on Wood Panel / ©LaurenBrevner / Private Collection

First, she draws a female character directly on the wood panel, then layers the figure’s underpainting in acrylic, however the portraits is always painted with oil. Once this has dried she applies up to five layers of transparent resin, adding intricate details on each layer and blow-torching it to achieve her signature smooth surfaces. Still, her process is far from being over. Subsequently, she applies gold, silver and/or copper leaves on to the distinct layers of resin and then designs intricate collage of Japanese/Chinese paper to dress up "her girls". 

Amaranth / 2014 / 4' x 3' (91 x 122 cm) / Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Resin on Wood Panel / ©LaurenBrevner

Depicting powerful and ethnically diverse women while blending ancient and modern art techniques defines the jaw dropping aesthetic mastered by Lauren Brevner and surely inspired, just a bit, by Mr. Gustav Klimt

Toshi No Seishin / 2015 / Oil, acrylic, mixed media and resin on wood panel / 4x6 feet / 122 x 183 cm / ©LaurenBrevner

Lauren Brevner original paintings and limited editions prints have been shown and collected in New York, Toronto, Berlin, SCOPE Miami, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland any many more cities around the globe.