Green Girls / 2018 / Sins series / Oil on canvas / 120 x 80cm / Private Collection, Holland.

Based in Groningen, Netherlands

Oil on canvas

Self-taught !

Maudy Alferink has fully revitalized the 1970’s gendra of Hyperrealism by teaching herself, yes people as in NEVER WENT TO ART SCHOOL - how to paint! Since 2014, Maudy has been creating edgy, fashion-forward female empowering portraits to such a level of perfection that most viewers try to convince her that she works with photography and not with oil…

Untitled (now with pink background) / 2019 / Oil on canvas / 170 x 122 cm.

Nonetheless, photography does play a huge part in Maudy’s artistic creations as she directs an entire profesional photoshoot which means she rents a set, designs hair and make-up, styles outfits, selects DA SHOES, hires her favorites muses (models) and profesional photographers to capture her visual concept. The pictures from the shoot then serves as a base to lay down her artistic vision on the canvas one brushstroke at the time. Each of Maudy’s exquisite portrait requires at least two months of painting.

Detail #DASHOES, Big Shy / 2018 / When I don’t grow up series / Oil on canvas / 122 x 170cm

Fashion, is also an essential part of Maudy Alferink art. Between 2010 & 2014, she obtained a Fashion Styling degree from the Artemis Academy (Amsterdam), launched her own clothing label and competed in the hit TV show Hollands best Fashion Designer! An impressive fashion career laid ahead of her, however destiny decided otherwise. In 2014, a tragic car accident left her with neurological and physical damages impressive will-power, positive spirit and a will to remain creative through pain, she recovered from the that put her in a temporary wheelchair and teaching herself how to paint! 

Big Shy / 2018 / When I dont grow up series / Oil on canvas / 122x170cm

After learning about her outstanding life story, the parallel with Frida Kahlo is hard not to make; two born-creative women dedicating themselves to female (self)-portraiture whom’s incredible artistic talent shined through intensive physical pain & forced immobility...

Maudy’s personal accomplishments reflect the hard-core dedication she puts into her artistic creations. Let’s not forget that oil paint is a very difficult medium to master. Plus, from the high-fashion photoshoot to the ultimate brushstroke lays at least two months of work.

Little Cheeky / 2018 / Oil on canvas / When I dont grow up series / 46x70cm

Maudy Alferink original oil paintings and exclusive limited editions prints are featured is numerous private collections around the world.